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This site is dedicated to tracing the military history of the Martin-Haile family.  Our ancestors participated in a majority of the wars and military campaigns of the United States. I have collected biographies and military unit histories from various resources to record the history of the sacrifices made my these men and women, as well as all men and women who have served this country.

This is an older web site. The information is correct, but I am not undating this site any longer.  To see the latest information, visit Grandpa’s Grumblings

Relovutionary War

  • Samuel MartinCaptain of Militia, Tyron County, NC
  • Alexander Norton – Virginia Line

War of 1812

  • Samuel Logan – 2nd Regiment (Hillard’s) East Tennessee Volunteers
  • Henry Logan – 2nd Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Brown’s) East Tennessee Volunteers
  • Alexander Logan – 2nd Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Brown’s) East Tennessee Volunteers
  • William Martin – 8th Company, 2nd Meckleberg Regiment, North Carolina Militia.

Civil War

  • Leonard Travis Cranford – Company B, 12th Regiment of Alabama Infantry, wounded at Petersburg, finished war in Union Hospital at Point Lockout, MD as POW.
  • James A. Cranford – 2nd Battalion Hilliard’s Legion (later merged to 59th Alabama Infantry Regiment) in 1862, died at the Division Hospital, Fair Ground #2, Atlanta, GA October 1863
  • George W. Haile – Company A, 11th Regiment of Tennessee Infantry, captured at Missionary Ridge, POW for 18 months at Rock Island, IL.
  • Hyrum T. Jackson – 10th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, wounded at Shiloh, furloughed to AR, didn’t return
  • B. F. Jackson – 10th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, later reformed as10th Regiment of Arkansas Cavalry
  • Jacob A Kever – Co F, 37th Regiment of North Carolina Infantry
  • Isaac Logan – 63d Regiment of Alabama Infantry, less than 17 years old
  • James Logan – Co G, 2d Regiment of Alabama Cavalry
  • John Logan – Co C, 59th Regiment of Alabama Infantry
  • Sidney Norton – Co A, 6th Regiment of North Carolina Cavalry
  • William Alexander Norton – Wounded 5-5-1864 at Wilderness, VA, died of wounds 5-8-1864, 38th Regiment of North Carolina Infantry

 World War I

  • Samuel Eugene Haile
  • Bascom Earl Stuart

World War II

  • Thomas Hoyle Martin – Infantryman, C Company, 1st Battalion, 377th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Division, Patton’s Third Army, 9th Army after Battle of the Bulge, Europe
  • Raymond Martin – B-24 Pilot, 484th Bomber Group, 15th USAAF, Torreta, Italy. Flew 25 missions including Polesti oilfields, awarded DFC.
  • Samuel Arthur Haile – B-24 Gunner, USAAF, Pacific
  • Clellan Martin – attended aircraft gunnery school and flight training, awarded pilot rating, war ended prior to deployment overseas


  • Tommy H. Martin – Army Helicopter Pilot, 187th Assault Helicopter Company 67-68, 180th Assault Support Helicopter Company 70-71, awarded DFC and PH
  • Dennis Martin, USAF, C-130 Loadmaster, Cam Ranh Bay 70-71, awarded DFC and AM
  • Samuel A. Haile Jr. – Army Helicopter Crewchief, B Company (Little Bears), 25th Aviation Battalion, 25th Infantry Division 1967-68